Saturday, November 14, 2015

Three short poems

When I read

By X. Z. Shao


When I read

Li Bais lines



I feel ashamed

to show my modern Chinese skill.

Thats why I hide myself in English. 





I walk into the realm of death
and see a spring of lives gush.

By X. Z. Shao





A group of busy men,

By X. Z. Shao


A group of busy men,

were enjoying themselves

by the lake with a tea table

and reclining chairs,

seated, their feet up in the air,

in tune with the yoga music.

They chatted and laughed loudly

about God-know-what

in local southern dialect,

while their cars were standing by

like their obedient butlers.

I guessed that might be

one of their best weekends.

I suddenly realized

how happy I had been as a lake man.


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