Saturday, May 10, 2014

She set foot on Chinese soil

By X. Z. Shao

She set foot on Chinese soil
with her heart a garden of love.
Her eyes beamed with her inner light
that she attributed to sky and sky beyond.
Her smile was a kinsman’s smile,
her curiosity was that of a drifter
returning from the sea of forgetfulness.
Much had changed;
time had turned the seabed into mulberry land.
Palm leaves were lain down on the road as she walked.
She triggered a poet’s reminiscence of the ancient bard,
to deck a cloak for her,
whose hand of vision had reached and picked up stars.
Did she have a haunting dream
that she was called and was missed?
Did she know she was held closer as she drifted further?
Did she know this was a place of her birth?
Hundreds or even thousands of years before
she had trodden on this very same earth.

            Morning, December 4, 2010

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