Sunday, May 3, 2015

A big fish took the bait

By X. Z. Shao

A big fish took the bait.
The fisherman sprang up
like a statue turned alive.
He rolled up the fish line.
the carp twisted and splashed the water.
His fellow fishermen was quick to his aid.
The passerby gathered.
They hold their breathes 
to see it being pulled closer.
A little net with a handle was lowered to contain it.
They all laughed and had a happy moment.
I, sitting opposite the narrow water, 
was amused too at the first sight,
but my heart quickly turned for the fish.
What a huge difference
the past minute had made.
I would had turned back the clock for you,
if I could, my fish,
a stout, colorful and innocent carp
being brought out of water
under the giggling stares.

        Afternoon, October 24, 2010

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