Friday, May 1, 2015

In a maze of disturbing dreams

By X. Z. Shao  

In a maze of disturbing dreams,
a most foul thing
has been enshrined,
a huge earthworm,
to quench whose thirst,
pools and pools of blood have been shed.
Its violent turns
threw rivers out of their courses.
Its venom poisoned the earth;
Its vicious looks ambushed joyful birds.
Once a most heinous wind blew up
and your city was blanketed in black,
the sky was pushed down to the sea
as a lid covered a pot,
all with wings were forced to swim,
you launched out a ship
with a sail made of frightened
birds and butterflies
to seek for the Isle beyond.
May your journey end in peace.
May you wake up in a haven
where your screams be hushed
by a face beaming with mercy in silence.  


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