Sunday, April 26, 2015

In expectation of you,

By X. Z. Shao

In expectation of you,
willows sprout in spring,
birds converse at dawn,
the pond teems with ripples
stirred up by myriad fishes.

In expectation of you,
lives full of suffering linger,
desolate caverns open to light
the forest on fire looks forwards
to the gathering heavy clouds.

In expectation of you,
words keep coming out,
tunes form out of nowhere,
statuses carved out
with a rare feat stand.

In expectation of you,
disheartened heads rise,
madhouses calm down in order,
the seething gulfs of want
are filled with gold abundant.

But you are not a god or goddess.
You are the soft hands and smiles
and the understanding
and the unwavering love
of a sweet, knowing, caring spirit.


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