Sunday, April 12, 2015

In a long gingham coat

By X. Z. Shao

In a long gingham coat
soft in texture, rich in colours,
she was a spirit of spring.
Dark hair, straightly-snipped
around her shoulders,
she adjusted it for a selfy
against her mobile screen.
Delicately made up,
camellia smile,
her perfect face
absorbed in her sweet dream.
With mild paces,
her high-heeled feet
stepping on a paved street,
while cotton trees in blossom,
she snapped countless self-portraits.
The innocent breeze   
swelled up and swayed
her robe-like heavenly coat.
A passerby could not help
but stood and observed
such a pluming in spring.
A long-tail bird flew off a tree
circling around her in a ring,
He seemed curious about
her origin, her next sojourn
and to her what Time may bring.

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