Sunday, April 12, 2015

In the Maya of Time and Space

By X. Z. Shao

In the Maya of Time and Space,
we are karma dust blown into shapes,
and each speck of our flesh
is proven to be a tiny spark.
Time’s arrow eternally flies;
Space’s balloon infinitely swells.
I have been bothered by “I”
which Buddha counsels me
to be just a Mirror blurred
by too many images it keeps within,
and the objects it reflects
are waves or bubbles while they break.
Einstein reached the ultimate;
he saw nothing but light in light.
Fear of my demise and horrors
in what is so real as our world
drove me away from the ant cave
to speculate in a glade.
Now day is dawning and stars fade.
In a dream within dreams,
you and I are in fact linked to
the same Source beyond words,
yet It permeates and underlies everything.
A drop of dew may disappear
but its content never ceases to exist.
A fish may pop up and dart under
but it must be somewhere in the sea.
By the shore, the setting sun glows
amid rosy clouds and seagull wings.

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