Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The erotic images

X. Z. Shao

The erotic images
of early brave women
with their manufactured innocence
shining through their naked bodies
in various dynamic poses,
survive their anonymous makers
whose amorous eyes,
uncontainable passions or lusts
and skills of their profession
are forever concealed behind
their products of the black and white.
Moralists at the time afraid of
their own dreams being revealed
threw stones at them,
but they played with them
“catch me if you can.”
Their followers have run so wild
the stone-throwers are tired out.
For those who indulged in pleasure,
life is a giant engulfing void
they have to escape from.
In a jungle so huge,
the way out so hopelessly lost,
the humid air making your hairs stick
to your forehead in your endless trek,
can you blame them
for staying put and hunting games
to enjoy themselves around a fire?

Temptation of flesh
was in Buddha’s dream
before His final awakening.
Are you the one to judge?


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