Sunday, April 12, 2015

May it be a Voice

By X. Z. Shao

May it be a Voice
sings all hearts to peace,
brings the wicked to innocence,
mends the earth and heals the wounded.
One step departure from where you should be,
you try to unfurl a standard on the hilltop of your own,
you create a discord that brings your downfall into an abyss.

A blind man can’t lead,
a turmoil of desires seethe,
a cacophony drowns birds’ songs,
too many wanderers lose their ways home.
May a thread of light pierce into your cave’s opening,
may the light dance bringing a carousal into the dismal place,
may a chorus in accord with all instruments bring tears to your eyes.

A slave enthralled
with an invisible bondage
fights as a free man in a sea of pains
while Sirens’ voices lurk in a distant reef.
May it dawn to you that you are your own enslaver
and all you’ve encountered are your enmeshed self in a dream.
May it be a Song drowns your cry of fear in a calm morning sea.



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